The Connor Homes Ontario Residential Treatment Network provides assessment, consultation and therapy services in partnership with Quinte Assessment and Treatment Group and Quinte Counselling Services, both in person and through a televideo system. Aftercare includes ongoing services for youth and Professional Caregivers as well as training and therapy sessions for biological parents, caregivers and other community partners.


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Mission Statement

To provide high quality, effective residential services to children and youth that support helping each individual child to emerge and grow.

Our Methods to Satisfy our Mission:

Our mission in Treatment foster care and Residential Treatment is to approach each placement as an opportunity to view each child as a unique individual who has needs and issues which need to be identified through a family history, antidotal information provided by parents caregivers, therapists family and school personnel. Deficits in information need to be uncovered through risk screening, psychometric testing, strengths and weaknesses; psychological well being and issues delivered using best practice tools.

Our mission is to develop a treatment plan which is accomplishable,
measurable and reflective of the child's unique clinical and cultural needs at a
fair and equitable price for our customers.

Our mission is to be advocates for children in our communities and participate in Provincial initiatives to raise the standard of care for children, their families of origin and their care givers.

Our mission is use state of the art electronic record keeping programs, with built in security features keeping client records secure. Electronic management systems and Databases keep our programs current and responsive to client and customer needs.

Our mission is to provide a stable well financed working environment for our
staff and caregivers using management methods including teambuilding which respect their needs for ongoing education personal development and growth in the workplace.


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