The Connor Homes Ontario Residential Treatment Network provides assessment, consultation and therapy services in partnership with Quinte Assessment and Treatment Group and Quinte Counselling Services, both in person and through a televideo system. Aftercare includes ongoing services for youth and Professional Caregivers as well as training and therapy sessions for biological parents, caregivers and other community partners.


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Steip Residence
Brighton, ON
4 bed male foster home
Closest center: Belleville, ON

The Steip Residence is located in the small town of Brighton on the main street. The house is a 5 bedroom home with a feeling of warmth and comfort. There are many amenities nearby including schools, parks, arena, fitness and beach.

Both Jenn and Sean Steip are long experienced with the care of children. They believe every child has a right to be part of the family and are always welcomed with open arms.

Growing up Sean was surrounded by the foster system, as all his mother's sisters fostered as well as his own parents. You might say that his transition to foster parent himself is just a natural and expected progression to the family business. His knowledge and experience in his managerial positions throughout his career make him well suited to provide an organized and well thought out experience for all youth within the house program. Sean also works as a Child & Youth Worker with Connor Homes.
Jenn has had a long time presence with youth programs running and supervising summer camps. Jenn also experience in working with street kids in Toronto and with church groups to provide for youth and their wellbeing. Jenn`s working background has been as a national product trainer for American Standard brands (she was the official potty trainer). Jenn graduated from York University with a bachelor's degree in sociology looking to teach. Although her career path went in a different direction Jenn still has aspirations of teaching.

An assortment of family involved activities wait for all youth in the Steip residence. A focus on a well-balanced family life is paramount to the experience of all youth within the Steip home. Life skills, schooling and personal development are also very prominent and extensive.

Jenn and Sean pride themselves on their culinary prowess. The house always has an inviting scent because both try to outdo each other in the kitchen. . Food can be the centre of conversation for a family. It can also be the catalyst of therapeutic discourse. Meals have always been a way for a family to bond; it is why so much attention is given to providing a well balanced home cooked meal.


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