The Connor Homes Ontario Residential Treatment Network provides assessment, consultation and therapy services in partnership with Quinte Assessment and Treatment Group and Quinte Counselling Services, both in person and through a televideo system. Aftercare includes ongoing services for youth and Professional Caregivers as well as training and therapy sessions for biological parents, caregivers and other community partners.


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Specialized Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service :

We have been providing specialized assessment and treatment services to children and adolescents in the care of Connor Homes for over 20 years. This long standing service partnership has resulted in Connor Homes being able to offer and provide the highest quality assessment and treatment throughout its Ontario foster and group home system.

Initial Assessment and Treatment Planning
Each child and adolescent entering Connor Homes receives intensive weekly therapy sessions during the first 30 days of admission as the basis of an assessment to develop a comprehensive initial treatment plan. The clinician may also refer to one of our Psychologists for specialist assessments if required. The Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) is a major conponent of this initial assessment and treatment planning process.

Psychoeducational Assessments
Quinte Assessment and Treatment Group provide each child and adolescent entering Connor Homes with a Psychoeducational Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to provide information for school admissions and to identifiy any children or adolescents who require a comprehensive assessment of learning disabilities or other learning problems which may impact of the child's success in school.

Treatment Services
Our clinicians provide treatment in the child or adolescent foster or group home and focus on dealing with issues such as:
  • Victimization (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse) and exposure to domestic violence
  • Abandonment/rejection
  • Issues related to neglect and trauma, loss and separation
  • Anger management, social skills development, high risk behaviour

Monitoring and Evaluation of Treatment Effectiveness
Our therapists are involved in the Connor Homes' Plan of Care reviews and provide quarterly treatment progress reports for every child and adolescent. These reports are based on quarterly updates of the CAFAS evaluation system; along with updated reports from the foster parents or group home staff; behavioural observation of the child at home; and in school, community and self reports from the child or adolescent. Goals and treatment plans are revised regularly and involve the child, the family where appropriate, and referring agencies. Consultation on treatment and behavioural intervention is provided by our supervising Registered Psychologist either in person or through our regular Televideo consultation sessions with therapists and Connor Homes staff.

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